The WaterBabies Team

D’Ann Wallace Levy grew up in Texas and studied Journalism at the University of Texas. Her passion of swimming came from the hot Texas summers spent at pools, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico.
Courses completed through Swimsports Switzerland are:
Aqua Basics, Technique, Baby, Kids, Prim, Family
WAKI Diploma
Other various courses completed:
Halliwick Method – Modul 1 and 2
Ryffel Running – Deep Water Running
Aquademie Aqua-Power Instruktorin für Wasserfitness
SLRG Swiss Life Saving Association – Brevet Plus PoolCPR – Basic Life Support
J&S – Jugend Sport Leiterin
ESA – Erwachsenensport Leiterin
AEA – Aquatic Exercise Association – Aquatic Fitness Professional

Deborah Leaver was born in Australia and grew up in the desert. She played state and national water polo and now lives in Zurich.
Deborah has completed the following Swimsports courses:
Aqua Basics
Aqua Technique
Aqua Baby
Other various courses completed in Switzerland are:
Aqua Fit – Ryffel Running – Deep Water Running
SLRG Swiss Life Saving Association – Brevet Plus Pool
CPR – Basic Life Support
Austswim Baby, Kids

Karen van Rensburg is from South Africa and has a real passion for teaching children to swim.
She ran and owned her own Swim School-Aquatic Center in South Africa where she taught for 4 years. She joined Waterbabies 3 years ago shortly after arriving in Switzerland.
Karen has completed the following courses:
PSTCA - South African professional swimming coach Aqua Basics
Swiss CPR and SLRG first aid